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Easter season favorites aren’t pets’ best friends

Easter is just around the corner. That means soon many parents and children will be filling Easter baskets full of fake green grass and dyed eggs, planting fresh Easter lilies in their home gardens, and consuming more chocolate than any doctor would recommend. Now that sounds like fun for the whole family, but there’s one member of the family that shouldn’t partake in these activities, that’s our beloved pets. While including our pets in the celebration of our favorite holidays is fun for all involved, activities such as these could be dangerous for our furry friends. The fake plastic grass most kids find in their baskets each year is commonly known as Easter grass. But we all know it’s not really grass, it’s actually little colored strips of plastic. While festive looking, this “grass” can be extremely harmful to your pets, especially cats. The grass is so dangerous that “If ingested, it can create what is called a linear foreign body and can be a deadly situation.” If it looks like your pet has ingested this festive but potentially dangerous décor, it’s important you don’t try to remove it from their mouths, as that can actually do more harm than good. Instead you should contact you veterinarian immediately.

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