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Dog’s death from licking toxic bread mould in recycling bin sparks warning to pet owners and parents

Standard and food waste recycling are good for Mother Earth, but they could be harmful to your children or family pet(s) if you don’t take special care of the material(s) you’re recycling. A family in the UK nearly lost both of their beloved dogs after discarding moldy bread in a food recycling bin. Unaware that the residue produced by bread mold is highly toxic, the Dent family had no idea what they were in for when both of their dogs ingested the harmful substance. While one of their dogs was able to make a full recovery, the other wasn’t so lucky. Mrs. Dent wants to ensure other families don’t suffer from the same devastating loss, she made that clear stating “I don’t want our beloved Dexter to die in vain. My job was to keep him safe and I failed him because I had never been informed about this very easy bit of information that every household should be told before they are asked to keep these toxins in their homes.” If you have questions about how to store your recyclable materials, please contact your local municipality.

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