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Could the hand sanitizer methanol contamination have been a ‘deliberate decision’ to cut costs?

We’ve written almost a half a dozen times the last couple months about the hand sanitizer recalls due to the presence of methanol. Now some experts are warning that this all could have been avoided if companies hadn’t “deliberately substituted ingredients that are harmful in order to cut costs.”

It’s concerning enough that the presence of methanol has caused more than 100+ varieties of hand sanitizer to be recalled. It would be downright infuriating to find out the contamination was done on purpose to save the companies money. Patrick Penfield, a professor of supply chain management at Syracuse University, believes this to be the case. He thinks the use of methanol in place of ethanol by manufacturers in Mexico was done to “keep up with demand and to cut down on costs”.

This is about more than just a nationwide recall, as Newsweek reports, “eight people have died in the U.S. this year after ingesting hand sanitizers contaminated with methanol.” Deaths aside, consumers have also been hospitalized and blinded after ingesting the contaminated hand sanitizer. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration wants consumers, healthcare providers, and retailers to pay close attention to the ingredients and manufacturers of their hand sanitizers.

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