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Conference Highlights Fluoride Health Risks

Fluoridated water is ingested by more than 150 million Americans every day, and millions more consume fluoride through products such as toothpaste, pesticides, and processed foods. The Environmental Protection Agency’s safe level standard for fluoride is 4ppm, a threshold that is higher than levels shown to be associated with “increased levels of beta amyloid plaques (the characteristic abnormality in Alzheimer’s disease) (1 ppm); the levels associated with increased uptake of lead into the blood of children from the use of silicofluorides (1 ppm); the levels associated with decreased IQ in Chinese communities (1.8 ppm); the levels associated with a lowering of thyroid activity (2.3 ppm); and the levels associated with impaired fertility (3 ppm).” Oxidative stress, weakened bones, and arthritis have also been linked to people consuming water with a fluoride level of 4ppm. Research Director of the Fluoride Action Network, Michael Connett, believes it’s “high time for members of the environmental and public health community to scrutinize government assurances on fluoride safety."

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