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Clam chowder sold in Costco stores recalled over foreign object concerns

Nearly 15,000 sleeves of Kettle Classic Clam Chowder with Uncured Bacon have been recalled by parent company Ivar’s Soup and Sauce Company. The recalled soup was sold in Costco stores in 13 midwest and northern states.


Recalled Products:

Kettle Classic Clam Chowder with Uncured Bacon

Costco Item #1270666

2-24 ounce sleeved packs

Best By Date of 12-22-2021

UPC #0 30383 19649 6


According to the United States Food and Drug Administration, Ivar’s Soup and Sauce Company issued the recall after a customer informed them of discovering a piece of plastic in their soup container. Ivar’s Soup describes the plastic found as, “in the shape of a half circle with some of the center missing, with edges that are sharp and pointed.” They also note that the circle has a diameter of roughly 1 ½”. Any remaining fragments of the circular plastic could be intact or in smaller pieces.

With a Best By Date of late December 2021, it’s possible you may have purchased this soup and still have it in your refrigerator. Ivar’s Soup has asked that all remaining products be removed from store shelves. Customers can return the soup for a refund or throw it away. As of this time, there are no reported injuries related to the recall.

To read the FDA release in its entirety, follow this link: