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Child Safe Products Act of New York Awaits Governor’s Signature

A bill five years in the making, specifically designed to limit children’s exposure to harmful toxins, now awaits Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo’s signature. Officially titled the Child Safe Products Act, and often referred to as the “Toxic Toys Bill”, the legislation would ban the sale of children’s products containing the chemicals asbestos, formaldehyde, benzene, mercury and cobalt. The law wouldn’t be limited to children’s toys though, as it would also cover car seats, baby care products, toiletries, school supplies, and furniture.

Over the years, children’s toys have been found to contain everything from arsenic and antimony, to cadmium, mercury, and lead. Children are most at risk when exposed to harmful toxins because “their skin is more absorptive” and as children they still have growing bodies and developing brains. While the legislation wouldn’t kick in until the year 2023, it would provide what The Buffalo News describes as “a mechanism for expanding the list of toxic chemicals as knowledge about risks advance.”

With the hurdles already cleared, it appears families of New York are just a signature and a few years away from having peace of mind when it comes to ensuring they aren’t exposing their children to toxic chemicals on a daily basis.

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