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Car Seats Save Lives, but Can Expose Children to Potentially Harmful Toxins

You’ve watched all the videos, read all of the parenting books, and combed through your new car seat manual. You’ve done everything you’ve been told you need to do to ensure your little bundle of joy is safe when placing them in their car seat for the first time. But there’s one very real danger you may be missing, one that’s so small you won’t even see it…car seat toxins. It’s true! As the manufacturing of car seats becomes more and more prevalent, the number of toxic chemicals detected is only increasing. A number of these toxins are “hormone disrupters” and their impact can be “significant”, according to Jeff Gearhart of The Ecology Center. Each year, The Ecology Center releases a report on the levels of toxins detected in many of the most popular car seats available for purchase. So what can you do to limit your child’s exposure to these harmful toxins? Experts say you can start by using “them for travel only not for napping” and do your best to keep the seat(s) clean.”

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