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Benzene and methanol in Disney branded hand sanitizers leads to recall

Best Brands Consumer Products and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have issued a recall of Disney branded Mickey Mouse and The Mandalorian hand sanitizer. The recall was initiated after FDA testing detected benzene in the Mandalorian hand sanitizer and methanol in the Mickey Mouse hand sanitizer.


Recalled Products:

The Mandalorian Hand Sanitizer

Green and Blue Bottles 2.11 fl oz. bottles

Lot # 20E21

Expires on September 30, 2022


Mickey Mouse Hand Sanitizer

Blue 2.11 fl oz. bottles

Lot #20D21

Expires on June 30, 2022


Exposure to the methanol and benzene can lead to anywhere from minor to major medical issues. Methanol, commonly known as wood alcohol, has been known to cause everything from nausea and blurred vision to permanent nervous system damage and even death. As for benzene, there have been concerns for years about its link to cancer in humans.

Surprisingly the products had already been removed from market sale due to “unrelated commercial reasons”. According to Best Brands, the products were produced by a third party. Fortunately, so far no illnesses have been reported related to this recall.

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