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Bagged Kroger kale recalled due to listeria concerns

Kroger is recalling some lots of its in-house branded bagged kale due to listeria monocytogenes concerns. The kale is produced and sold by Baker Farms. Listeria isn’t often much of a concern for healthy adults, but that can’t be said for the young, elderly or pregnant. At this time, it’s unknown how the possible listeria contamination was discovered.


Recalled Products:

Kroger Kale

16 ounce bag

UPC 11110-18170

Best by Date of 09-18-2021


Listeria monocytogenes can lean to listeria, which ultimately leads to listeriosis. As we stated above, while unpleasant, listeria isn’t usually a concern for most Americans. Though young children, the elderly, pregnant, and those with weakened immune systems are likely to experience the most severe symptoms. In some rare cases, listeria can lead to death in those with weakened immune systems. Miscarriages and stillbirths, while uncommon, are not unheard of.

The recalled kale was distributed to Kroger stores in Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia. It’s been pulled from Kroger store shelves as of Wednesday, September 16th. If you purchased the recalled product, you can throw it away or return it to Kroger for a refund.

To read the full FDA release on their website, follow this link: