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ArtNaturals hand sanitizer alert issued by FDA due to presence of benzene

If you’re keeping score at home, it’s time to add ArtNaturals hand sanitizer to the growing list of hand sanitizers to avoid. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued an alert due to “unacceptable levels” of benzene and at least 1 more cancer causing chemical.

The alert was issued because they attempted to work with ArtNaturals on a recall, but as CBS News explains, “multiple attempts to reach its [ArtNaturals] manufacturer to discuss a possible recall had failed.” Unable to be reached about a potential recall of your product? That doesn’t seem like the behavior of a company that believes they were “born out of a desire to free beauty from high prices, toxic chemicals and all-around bad vibes.” That’s how ArtNaturals describes their beauty products. With the FDA’s latest warning, it sure seems as though ArtNautrals is falling well short of their goal.

Benzene, acetaldehyde, and acetal were all detected by the FDA. For it’s part, acetal has “only” been linked to irritation of the upper respiratory tract, eyes, and skin. Benzene and acetaldehyde have both been linked to cancer in humans. The potentially hazardous hand sanitizer was sold on Amazon and in Walmart store. The FDA warns that it should be disposed of immediately. While not possible for most Americans, disposing of it into a hazardous waste container would be ideal.

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