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Are you exposing your child to these common household toxins?

As your little one grows, so does their world. Laying on their tummies soon turns into scooting on their bottoms, and before you know it they’re up walking around...and getting into everything. When our little ones start to stretch their legs and grow their world though, what harmful toxic chemicals or poisons might we be exposing them to?

A few of these are obvious, items like medications, pesticides, and herbicides should always be kept out of the reach of small children. But what possible poisons could we be forgetting? How about alcohol, nicotine, and even certain household plants?

Household Plants:

Plants you say? It’s true! Some very popular indoor plants such as: daffodils, dumb cane, foxglove, hydrangea, lilies, oleanders, rhododendrons, and wisteria have been known to cause “gastrointestinal symptoms” if consumed. Consumption of these indoor plants can cause issues for our child’s respiratory system, their liver, or even their heart.

Alcohol and Nicotine:

Alcohol and nicotine are items that are usually kept locked away from younger and older children for not only toxic reasons, but also because it’s illegal for minors to consume them. Did you know though that “alcohol can be found in beverages, but also in perfume, mouthwash, cleaning products, hand sanitizers, and over-the-counter cold medications”? They don’t have to ingest a lot for there to be a concern either, because it only takes a very small amount for children to become sick. The consumption of illicit substances by children can result in “unconsciousness or seizures.”

It’s important as our little ones begin to explore the great big world around them that we protect them from harmful toxins outside and inside our homes. To learn about other common household toxins we may be exposing kids to, click here: