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A $60 billion industry is shockingly unregulated

In the United States, FDA is in charge of overseeing cosmetics. Unfortunately, unlike prescription drugs, their oversight is minimal. Prescription drugs require FDA approval before they can be sold; no such law exists for cosmetics. The only way cosmetics are inspected by the FDA for toxic chemicals is if the company creating them is actually caught red handed. A $60 billion industry goes largely unregulated unless a company is caught using toxic chemicals. Think about that for a second…they are only inspected and punished if they happen to get caught. That leaves a ton of opportunities for companies to skirt or outright ignore the rules. Lipstick, nail polish, face wash, and eye makeup are just a few of the cosmetics that aren’t regularly monitored by the FDA. Conversely, Canada and the European Union have “strict oversight over cosmetics.” We use many of these potentially harmful products every day, and we may not be made aware of any harmful chemicals they contain until after we’ve been exposed to them. When purchasing personal care products keep in mind that words like “tested” and “clinically-proven” are often not verified by the FDA.

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