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7 Hidden Indoor Toxins In Your Home Might Be Making You Sick

You remember the game, someone closes their eyes, counts to ten, and everyone else hides. It’s the job of the finder to seek out those hiding. Hide and Seek is a classic! What you don’t want to do though is play Hide and Seek with toxic chemicals in your home. Unfortunately, that’s what many of us are doing. Bustle has a breakdown of 7 toxins that may be hiding in your home, and how to avoid them.

Mold: Mold has been known to cause such minor issues as nasal stiffness and eye irritation. As well as much more serious issues such as coughing, wheezing, and even skin irritation. Opening windows once a day, cleaning your bathroom often, and investing in a dehumidifier are just a few steps you can take to protect your family against mold.

Perfumes and Air Fresheners: An artificial scent to make your guest bathroom smell good isn’t worth the health of your family and friends, is it? Certainly not. Fragrances and scented products have been shown to be made up of “hundreds of chemicals”. Essential oils are considered a much healthier alternative.

Pesticides: Most bugs that make into our homes are little more than a nuisance, but that hasn’t stopped us from purchasing pesticides containing toxic chemicals to rid ourselves of them. Unfortunately, according to Honey Colony, “pesticides are the 10th leading cause of poisoning.” Instead of using hazardous chemicals to combat annoying bugs, try natural deterrents such as: cinnamon, essential oils, [and] mint leaves.”

The above examples are just a few of the ways toxins could be hiding in your home. It’s time to take steps to ensure there are no safe hiding spots for dangerous toxins in your home, and once and for all rid yourselves of them. Head on over to Bustle’s website to learn about other toxins that may be hiding from you: