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50+ products recalled by Lyons Magnus due to potential microbial contamination

Dozens of nutritional and beverage products manufactured by Lyons Magnus, and sold at stores nationwide such as BJ’s Wholesale Club, Costco, and Sam’s Club, have been recalled due to a potential microbial contamination. Aloha, Glucerna, Oatly, Kate Farms, these are just a few of the brand names the products were sold under. Presently, the belief is that not meeting commercial sterility specifications is what led to the contamination, and ultimately the recall.

A contamination by the organism Cronobacter sakazakii has not been ruled out by Lyons or the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Cronobacter sakazakii was all over the news just a couple months ago because it was at the forefront of the baby formula recall. Leading to illnesses in numerous children, and causing at least 1 death. Cronobacter sakazakii is a bacteria that can cause severe infections. Cronobacter leading to sepsis and meningitis is not unheard of. Symptoms of newborns suffering from sepsis and meningitis include: poor feeding, crankiness, temperature changes, jaundice, and abnormal movements. Lyons makes it clear in their recall notice posted by the FDA though that no products for infants/babies have been recalled.

All told, there were 53 various products recalled by Lyons Magnus. The recall dates on said products were anywhere from November of 2022 through September of 2023. The products were sold in individual cartons as well as cases, though it shouldn’t be too difficult to identify the Lot Code and Best By Date. Typically they can be found on top of the carton, or the side of the cases. Since too many products have been recalled to list here, we’ll post a link below to a comprehensive list of them.

If you purchased any of the recalled products, you should discard them immediately or return them to your retailer for a refund. You can also contact Lyons Magnus directly by phone at 1-800-627-0557, or on their website at

For a complete list of the recalled products, and to view the FDA recall, click here: