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5 Tips for a Christmas Free of E-waste

Every year the holidays bring with them the newest and most popular electronic device of that year, so for many families it’s out with the old and in with the new. This means devices such as old televisions, mobile phones, and handheld gaming systems are simply thrown away. While we don’t normally think of our electronic devices as carriers of harmful toxins, “many of these devices contain toxic metals (lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, selenium) that can stream into our environment if not managed properly.” When these are thrown away as opposed to being taken to a facility that specializes in disposing of hazardous waste, it creates what is known as “e-waste” or electronic waste, and puts us all at risk. There are safety measures your family can take though when replacing your no longer wanted electronic devices. One simple way is to simply try and buy “green” products going forward. Buying products with a reduced environmental footprint will ensure that when it comes time to replace them, you’ll be getting rid of products that are much less likely to harm individuals or the environment. Another way is to see if the manufacturer offers a trade-in or take-back program. This will allow you to ensure that the device gets back to the original manufacturer, and they can dispose of it properly.

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