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10 Toxic Chemicals to Avoid in Eye Makeup

With many organic and toxic-free options on the market today, it’s getting easier to avoid harsh chemicals in many of the products we use each day. Products such as the foods we eat and chemicals used to clean our homes are often full of harmful toxins. There’s one potentially harmful product that’s used nearly as often, if not more, and that’s makeup. Makeup today is often littered with dangerous chemicals that are then applied directly to our skin. Eye makeup can contain toxins that “can lead to red, scaly eyelids, blood-shot eyes, dry eye disease, and serious long-term health conditions.” Chemicals such as: Carbon Black, Ethanolamine compounds, Parabens, and more. There are ways to ensure you avoid these toxins though. Avoiding cosmetics that are identified as waterproof or that use coconut oil is a great way to start. There’s also a rather simple way to avoid toxic chemicals, try to ensure you use products that contain the fewest amount of ingredients. If you feel like your eyes have come into contact with any hazardous chemicals, make sure to get an eye exam as soon as possible.

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