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    Thyme Leaf Extract

    Thymus Vulgaris

    Thyme Leaf Extract

    What is it?

    The aromatic thyme (Thymus Vulgaris) plant is a perennial and woody shrub harnessing square stems and attractive flowers. A member of the mint family, thyme is an herb that originates in the Mediterranean basin and has a number of varieties, each with its own distinctive oil composition.

    Key Information

    • Infections: Thyme is effective against infections, most specifically respiratory and digestive.
    • Asthma: It has a relaxing effect on muscles in the bronchi and helps to relive asthma, whooping cough, laryngitis, bronchitis and dry coughs.

    More Information

    Mouth and gum infections can be treated with a solution made from as little as .1 percent thyme oil. Inhalation therapy is useful for those who suffer from chronic sinus infections. As an antioxidant, thyme protects the body from the effects of aging. As a stellar digestive herb, thyme can enhance appetite and digestion while stimulating the liver.


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