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    Summer Lilac

    Buddleja davidii

    Summer Lilac

    What is it?

    This shrub, which is also called the summer lilac, grows up to about 16 feet high with widely spreading branches and semi-erect to falling foliage. The leaves have slightly toothed edges, with the upper face dark green and shiny, and the lower face white with downy hairs. The flowers gather in dense and pointed clusters about 13 inches long, and come out between July and October.

    The plant likes open and disturbed sites like railways, the edges of roads, walls, cliffs, building sites, waste lands, and ruins. Sometimes it’s found in forests, and along riverbanks at altitudes of about 6,500 feet. The plant has actually become invasive in areas like New Zealand, Europe, Australia, and parts of the U.S.

    Key Information

    • Summer Lilac has been shown to provide protection from UV-induced oxidative stress
    • Inflammation: Summer Lilac has also been shown to protect against inflammation

    More Information

    Extracts from the buddleja davidii, like many plant extracts, has powerful antioxidants and also helps to reduce inflammation. Both of these properties are important in anti-aging skin care, as the antioxidants are protective against damaging free radicals and the anti-inflammatory property helps improve skin repair.


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