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    SD Alcohol 40B

    SD Alcohol 40B

    SD Alcohol 40B

    What is it?

    SD Alcohol 40B (Specially Denatured Alcohol), which is denatured with tert-Butyl alcohol, is the mostly widely recognized SDA formula worldwide.     

    All SD alcohols are named such due to the Denaturant used in them which is intended to make the alcohol undrinkable as it will make a person ill intentionally. 

    The Denaturant varies by the alcohol number, so 40B uses tert-Butyl alcohol while 39C uses Diethyl phthalate, 38B used Essential oils and is only for oral care products, etc.

    40-B has the least amount of denaturants used in comparison to all other SDA formulas.

    40-B is denatured with tert-Butyl alcohol or t-Butyl Alcohol.  tert-Butyl alcohol is a clear liquid (or a colorless solid, depending on the ambient temperature) with a camphor-like odor. It is very soluble in water and miscible with ethanol and diethyl ether.


    Key Information

    • Used in cosmetics and personal care to decrease the 'dry down' time of a product

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