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    Olive Leaf Extract

    Olea Europaea (Olive) Leaf Extract

    Olive Leaf Extract

    What is it?

    Excellent for all skin types for both women and men. Ideal for both dry and oily skin types, Olive Leaf is 100% natural derived from the olive leaf, endowed with very interesting properties. Antiradicalic, antioxidant and antimicrobial activity, in fact, have been demonstrated by numerous studies leaded on this ingredient, which is obtained by physical extraction from the olive leaves.

    Key Information

    • Skin Protection: Protects against some UV damage and environmental pollutants.
    • Skin Hydration: Helps hydrate skin to keep retain moisture (in a period of six weeks, studies showed a remarkable increase in skin hydration and in skin elasticity on both areas tested: cheek and forehead

    More Information

    In foods, olive oil is used as a cooking and salad oil. In manufacturing, olive oil is used to make soaps, commercial plasters and liniments; and to delay setting in dental cements. Olive oil is classified, in part, according to acid content, measured as free oleic acid. Extra virgin olive oil contains a maximum of 1% free oleic acid, virgin olive oil contains 2%, and ordinary olive oil contains 3.3%. Unrefined olive oils with more than 3.3% free oleic acid are considered “unfit for human consumption.”


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