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    Oat Extract

    Avena Sativa

    Oat Extract

    What is it?

    The oat (Avena sativa), sometimes called the common oat, is a species of cereal grain grown for its seed, which is known by the same name (usually in the plural, unlike other cereals and pseudocereals). While oats are suitable for human consumption as oatmeal and rolled oats, one of the most common uses is as livestock feed.

    Key Information

    • Oat Extract is a superior anti-irritant and antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and skin repair properties.
    • Skin: Soothing agent for skin with rosacea, eczema, erythema, and atopic dermatitis.
    • Reduces Heart Disease: When oat bran is used as part of a diet low in fat and cholesterol.

    More Information

    Oat straw is used for the flu, swine (H1N1) flu, coughs, bladder disorders, joint pain, eye ailments, frostbite, gout, and a skin infection called impetigo. Topically, oats are used for skin conditions including itchiness, dryness, oiliness, weeping eczema, and contact dermatitis. Oats are also applied to the skin for chicken pox, osteoarthritis, liver disorders, and added to foot baths for chronically cold or tired feet.


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