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    Neroli Oil


    Neroli Oil

    What is it?

    The flowers of the bitter orange tree are the source of neroli oil, notes the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine or NCCAM. Aromatherapists often utilize neroli due to its calming and sensual effects.

    Key Information

    • Calming and Mood-Lifting: The purported sedating effects of neroli oil may help relieve anxiety and tame anger, states Organic Facts.
    • Skin Care: When applied topically, neroli oil helps to preserve moisture and has a smoothing effect on the skin, notes Organic Facts.

    More Information

    The floral and spicy scent of neroli oil makes it an appealing ingredient in bath oils, skin creams and some perfume. Neroli oil may also have medicinal uses due to its antibacterial properties. Always check with your healthcare provider before using herbs for medical reasons.


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