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    Monoi Oil

    Monoi Oil

    Monoi Oil

    What is it?

    In Tahiti, monoi oil has a history as rich as its fragrance. For centuries, Tahitians have concocted this oil by steeping native tiare gardenia flowers in pure, locally harvested coconut oil. Tahitians hold monoi, which translates to “sacred oil,” in high estimation and for good reason. This simple, sweet-smelling oil offers beauty benefits that range, quite literally, from head to toe.

    More Information

    At the cosmetics counter, monoi oil often shows up in hair products. You can find this coconut derivative in shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, moisturizers and frizz-control serums, among other items. Sources including Elle report that, when applied to the hair, monoi oil bolsters shine and decreases frizz and flyaways. This deeply moisturizing oil also repairs hair by realigning the keratinous scales of each fiber. As a preshampoo treatment, monoi conditions and protects hair from environmental damage, according to the Elevate Magazine website. Additionally, research conducted by the cosmetic-producing company Carol's Daughter found that one use of a monoi-based shampoo and hair mask reduces hair breakage by about 96 percent and greatly increases overall hair elasticity.


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