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    Jasmine Flower Extract

    Jasminum Officinale

    Jasmine Flower Extract

    What is it?

    Jasmine is a very famous flower. It has a strong yet sweet, pleasing and romantic fragrance, which is very common in flowers which bloom only at night. Girls are often named “Jasmine”, primarily in the Middle Eastern region and the Indian Subcontinent but also in other parts of the world. The jasmine flower is often associated with romance and love. Heroes in romantic novels and movies can often be found addressing their heroines by the name “Jasmine”. For ages, jasmine has been inspiring poets as well.  This flower blooms only at night and fills the surroundings with its unmistakable and alluring fragrance.

    Key Information

    • Mental alertness: There is conflicting evidence about the effects of jasmine on mental alertness. Some early research suggests that inhaling fragrance from a small amount of jasmine absolute ether improves mental alertness.
    • Can be used as a sedative.
    • Used to treat liver problems such as hepatitis and cirrhosis.

    More Information

    Widely known for its big consumption of jasmine tea, the Chinese civilization drinks green tea during the spring and summer times as well as in autumn and especially in winter, jasmine tea. This drinking tea habit appeared in the north and north-east region of China.

    From jasmine flowers it is extracted the well-known and highly expensive oil. The high cost is explained by the fact that in order to extract 2.2lb of jasmine essence 2200lb of fresh flowers are needed. Nevertheless, its effects over an organism make that process worthwhile. The herb has the power to eliminate the stress and depression, and it can help regain self-confidence. The jasmine flowers are used in biotherapy and perfume industry.

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