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    Hydrogenated Lecithin

    Hydrogenated Lecithin

    Hydrogenated Lecithin

    What is it?

    Lecithin is a natural emulsifying agent and one of the most important components of cells. It is a naturally occuring mixture of the diglycerides of stearic, palmitic and oleic acids, linked to the choline ester of phosphoric acid and plays an important role in a cell's metabolism, especially regarding membrane penetration and has been used as a surfactant in cosmetics. 

    Key Information

    • Liver disease - Taking lecithin seems to reduce the accumulation of fat in the liver of people who are fed long-term through a needle in the vein (parenteralnutrition).
    • High cholesterol - Limited research shows that lecithin decreases cholesterol in healthy people and in people taking cholesterol-lowering therapy (statins).
    • Athletic performance - Limited research shows that taking lecithin by mouth does not seem to improve athletic performance in trained athletes.

    More Information

    Lecithin's use in cosmetics was previously limited because of its oxidation and instability against heat, however, Hydrogenated Lecithin (Lecithin with the addition of hydrogen) has all the good qualities of natural lecithin, yet its stability is greatly improved. 

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