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    Dimethiconol Meadowfoamate

    Dimethiconol Meadowfoamate

    Dimethiconol Meadowfoamate

    What is it?

    Dimethiconol is a silicone based polymer  that resembles Dimethicone, except that molecules of Dimethiconol end with hydroxyl (-OH) groups. Dimethiconol derivatives that may be also be used in cosmetic products include Dimethiconol Arginine, etc.

    More Information

    In cosmetics and personal care products, Dimethiconol and its derivatives are used in the formulation of a wide range of cosmetic and personal care products including cosmetic creams and lotions, suntan products, bath soaps, lipstick, shampoo and hair care products. The most widely used ingredient in this group is Dimethiconol.


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