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    Calendula Oil

    Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract

    Calendula Oil

    What is it?

    Oil from the Calendula flower

    Key Information

    • Swollen, inflamed tissue is the ideal place to apply the healing properties of calendula oil. Dry skin, eczema and hemorrhoids respond to calendula's high triterpenoid content.
    • Use calendula oil to fight bacterial infections in skin abrasions.

    More Information

    Calendula oil is a common herbal oil remedy for treating skin conditions. No first aid kit should be with out this helpful medicine. Although calendula is available in a variety of topical forms, oil is the easiest to use and make. It is best when processed with cold pressed oils like almond or olive oil. Vitamin E is also often added to calendula oil to serve as a preservative and skin conditioner.


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