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    Beech Bud Extract

    Fagus Sylvatica

    Beech Bud Extract

    What is it?

    Fagus sylvatica is a species of tree in the Fagaceae, or beech, family. It is native to forests in central and southern Europe, but has been introduced elsewhere. This tree has been used in traditional herbal medicine as an antiseptic and expectorant to treat many health conditions. It is also made into a homeopathic remedy and is one of the Bach flower essences. These remedies are generally regarded as safe.

    Key Information

    • Epilepsy: Homeopathic doctors may prescribe Fagus sylvatica as a remedy for epilepsy, as well as headaches, or vertigo.
    • Hydrophobia: Those with hydrophobia, or fear of water, might be treated withFagus sylvatica as well.

    More Information

    Commonly known as the European beech or common beech tree, Fagus sylvatica grows to be between 50-60 feet (15.2-18.3 meters) tall, with a spread of 35-50 feet (10.6-15.2 meters), making it an excellent shade tree. In April and May, this beech species produces green-yellow flowers, which yield edible beechnuts in the fall. Its dark green leaves are up to 4 inches (10 centimeters) long and have visible veins that run parallel to one another. The leaves turn golden bronze in the fall.

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