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Why pesticides are bad for your lawn and your family

As summer fast approaches (we’re just over a month away), the number of Americans tending to their lawn and gardens will grow. While the amount of attention our yards require increases, there’s a tendency to rely on products that can be harmful… Continue Reading

FDA issues 5th blood pressure medication recall just four months into 2019

It’s only the end of April, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has just issued another blood pressure medication recall.

Fourty Four lots of losartan from Legacy Pharmaceutical Packaging were found to contain the cancer causing chemical nitrosamine (NMBA). In the past,… Continue Reading

Arsenic found in nearly a dozen brands of bottled water, so what does it mean?

Consumer Reports is raising alarms about their recent study of more than 100 brands of bottled water. During their in-depth study they found 11 brands of bottled water contained “detectable arsenic levels” and half of dozen of the brands had arsenic levels… Continue Reading

Surprising toxins hiding in our tap water

Business Insider, yes that Business Insider, recently posted a list of 9 “terrifying things” that could be hiding in our tap water. This list is a mixture of known toxins like PFOA, an ingredient you may actually expect find in your drinking… Continue Reading