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New fire engine tech could help keep our firefighters safe from harmful toxins

The death of a longtime Sacramento, California firefighter from cancer has led to the Sacramento Fire Department introducing 2 new fire engines that hope to ensure no firefighter ever suffers the same fate again on their watch.

Tamara Thacher was a 31 year verteran of the department, and passed away…

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Investigation finds numerous bottled and carbonated waters contain forever chemicals

Carbonated waters have been all the rage the last few years. Some becoming so popular, such as La Croix & Bubly, that certain flavors have even been difficult to locate in stores. If you attended a (socially distanced) bbq or party this year, there’s a good chance you knocked back…

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RIOMET ER joins list of recalled metformin drugs due to NDMA

It’s September 23, 2020 and another metformin drug has been recalled due to unsafe levels of N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA). Sun Pharmaceutical Industries, Inc. has issued a voluntary recall of their RIOMET ER 500 mg per 5 mL metformin. So far, no illnesses have been reported.


Product Recalled:


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Mold byproduct leads to recall of 3 dog foods

Sunshine Mills, in conjunction with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, has voluntarily recalled 3 varieties of their dog foods due to as Fox News explains, “mold byproduct that is potentially above acceptable levels.”


Recalled Dog Foods:

Family Pet Meath Cuts: Beef, Chicken, and Cheese Flavors

Heartland Farms Grilled…

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Add Bayshore Pharmaceuticals to the list of recalled diabetes drug companies due to NDMA

Bayshore Pharmaceuticals is the sixth metformin manufacturer to issue a recall due to a possible NDMA contamination. The recalled products were manufactured in Bangladesh in June of 2019, and distributed across the United States. If you've purchased any of the recalled medications, you should return them to your retailer or…

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Could the hand sanitizer methanol contamination have been a ‘deliberate decision’ to cut costs?

We’ve written almost a half a dozen times the last couple months about the hand sanitizer recalls due to the presence of methanol. Now some experts are warning that this all could have been avoided if companies hadn’t “deliberately substituted ingredients that are harmful in order to cut costs.”


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Salmonella concerns lead to expanded onion recall at Trader Joe’s, Walmart, and other retailers

An onion recall issued at the beginning of August has now been expanded to nearly all 50 states. Initially the recall only focused on red onions from a single supplier in California. However, the recall now includes red, yellow, white, and sweet yellow onions. The onions were distributed across the…

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Fast food wrappers and packaging contain toxins

A story that keeps coming up, much like the fast food likely referenced in this article (sorry), a large number of fast food wrappers and packaging contain harmful toxins. The toxins are ones that we’ve written about on numerous occasions, that would be PFAS. PFAS comes from the man-made chemicals…

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Fossil fuel toxins are poisoning East Coast dolphins and whales

A new study has found that arsenic and mercury are just 2 of the numerous toxic chemicals found in stranded dolphins and whales along America’s southeast coast. Alistair Dove is the vice president of research and conservation at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, and as he explains it, “toxic chemicals…

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Hand sanitizer sold at Target and Walmart added to FDA recall list

87. The list of recalled hand sanitizers potentially containing methanol (wood alcohol) now stands at 87. The latest recall includes hand sanitizers sold in Walmart and Target stores nationwide. 4E Brands, as well as Resource and Recovery Trading hand sanitizers are the latest to be recalled. 

According to the U.S.…

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