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E-Tech Takes the Toxins out of the surfboard

Summer, the beach, and surfing have a long history together. And while summer doesn’t officially begin for another few days, many families are already spending a lot of time at the beach. The beach is a great place for families to visit to experience all that nature has to offer, but even at the beach it can be difficult to escape hazardous toxins that can be potentially dangerous to our families and our planet. Toxic chemicals have made their way into our pantries, cleaning products, and now our recreational equipment such as surfboards. According to Ryan Harris of E-Tech, a surfboard not made using their eco-friendly ingredients is a “really toxic piece of sporting equipment.” Most resin used in the creation of surfboards is a petroleum based epoxy, but E-tech is trying to make surfing safer and environmentally friendly. For E-tech though, it’s not enough to make a safer product, it has to be high in quality as well. As winners of the Boardroom Surfboard Show in Del Mar, California, it appears they are accomplishing all of their goals. Let’s hope other surfboard manufacturers take notice, and make similarly environmentally safe changes.

To learn more about the eco-friendly boards being created by E-Tech, click the link: