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Dogs can be vulnerable to toxins from algal blooms

If you’re a resident of upstate New York and plan on taking your dog(s) on some nature walks this summer, it’s important you don’t let them drink from or enter any bodies of water that contains blue-green algae.

HABs (Harmful Algal Blooms) are of particular concern for dogs “because of their behavior, sometimes drinking water from ponds, lakes, and streams; cleaning their wet fur; and consuming algal mats or scum with attractive odors…” according to New York Sea Grant Fisheries and Ecosystem Health Specialist Jesse Lepak. The HABs damage livers, nervous systems, and burn the skin of our furry friends. A bit of good news is that blue-green algal blooms have yet to be detected along Lake Erie’s New York shoreline. They have however been spotted in inland bodies of water.

Last month, the Department of Environmental Conservation identified HABs in Chautauqua Lake, the Allegany Reservoir, and Java Lake. So please, if you’re walking your pets in upstate New York, do not let them drink from or enter any bodies of water that may contain blue-green algae.

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