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Death Wish Cold Brew Coffee Is Being Recalled for Potentially Being Deadly

“You must have a death wish.” This common refrain would be accurate if you’re a fan of Death Wish Coffee. The beverage known for having more caffeine in a single cup than most Americans should consume in a single day, now comes with a few more concerns.

Death Wish Coffee’s cans of Nitro Cold Brew have been recalled due to “a slight risk of Clostridium botulinum…” Aside from the extreme amount of caffeine in a single serving, a slight risk of botulinium is something you never want to hear about in a beverage many consume daily. The concerns of potentially toxic cans of cold brew coffee were discovered by researchers at a Cornell laboratory. Clostridium botulinum “can cause botulism, a nerve-attacking illness that weakens muscles, leading to difficulty breathing and sometimes death.”

Fortunately, no illnesses have been reported from individuals consuming Nitro Cold brew. And as we mentioned above, Death Wish Coffee’s CEO has recalled Nitro Cold Brew until the Clostridium botulinum concerns can be quelled.

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