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Best Buy announces new program to tackle toxic chemicals

More and more big-box stores are taking a tough stance against toxins in the products they sell. On the heels of Target cracking down on toxins in the merchandise they offer to consumers, Best Buy has released their own new set of directives. Their new approach to toxic chemicals was covered in their Chemical Management Corporate Statement.

Best Buy’s statement outlines that the goal of their new initiative is to “reduce the use of chemicals, phase out chemicals of concern and improve the general management of chemicals.” Eradicating harmful chemicals isn’t Best Buy’s only goal, when possible they’ll also “work to transition to safer alternatives, with a preference for EPA Safer Choice chemicals.” Products in stores won’t be Best Buy’s only focus. They’re also reevaluating their own “corporate, retail, service and distribution operations.” They’ve even gone so far as to create a Restricted Substance List (RSL) that seeks to require chemical suppliers to report the usage of potentially hazardous chemicals to Best Buy.

What they didn’t do was outline the types of toxic chemicals they’re looking to reduce or remove from their business practices. Best Buy isn’t just releasing a statement of what they intend to do. In a blog post regarding the Chemical Management Corporate Statement, they outline how they will ensure strict adherence to their new guidelines. They will routinely monitor factories and “require improvements” when they find gaps.

The moves made recently by companies such as Target and Best Buy are not only welcomed, but they’re important to the overall marketplace. When brands like Target and Best Buy are leasing the way, other companies are more inclined to follow suite.

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