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Air Force Confirms Peterson AFB Firefighting Foam Toxins Leached Into Groundwater

If you do, have, or will live on or near Colorado’s Peterson Air Force Base, this is a post you’re going to want to read. A new study released by the United States Air Force “confirmed that toxic chemicals in firefighting foam… leached into surrounding groundwater.” The foam has been used by the Airforce for firefighting training since the 1970s.

The dumping of toxic wastewater has led to a contaminated Widefield Aquifer, which is considered “a key source of water for the city of Fountain.” What’s especially frustrating about this discovery is that it really shouldn’t come as a surprise. Since its use in the 70s, experts have linked the foam’s toxic chemicals to “ailments including cancer, liver disease and low infant birth weight.” To combat the contaminated drinking water concerns, authorities have “installed new treatment systems to remove the toxic chemicals from the Widefield Aquifer water.”

Local and national politicians are doing what they can to fight the contaminated drinking water issues. A House defense-spending bill that would give $30 million dollars next year to the effort has been put forth.

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