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10 ways to save on organic groceries

With the ever-growing concern over toxic chemicals in the foods Americans consume, many of us have made the decision to incorporate more “organic” foods into our diets. Unfortunately, organic groceries on average cost twice as much as non-organic groceries. To help those families looking to improve the health of their family and the planet, Chrissy Pate of recently posted an article showing that “making some smaller changes in the right areas…" can lead to some big savings.

Here are a few tips from Chrissy to help your family save while eating organically:

  1. Try a regular store – Whole Foods and Fresh Market aren’t the only stores that sell quality organic foods. Chances are your neighborhood grocer offers organic foods that are of similar quality to those of the most popular organic shopping destinations.
  2. Go generic – Name brand organic foods aren’t necessary. Organic brands from Safeway and Whole Foods were found to be “less expensive than equivalent products at regular grocery stores.”
  3. Know your labels – If you’re going to buy organic, it’s probably important to make sure the foods are actually you know…organic. Organic labels to look for include, but are not limited to: USDA Organic, Certified Organic, and 100% Organic

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