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Elevated levels of Vitamin D lead to canned dog food recall

More than 5,000 cans of Fromm Family Foods Four-Star canned dog foods have been recalled due to “potentially elevated levels of Vitamin D”. These dog foods came in the beef, chicken, pork, and turkey variety. Dog food with elevated Vitamin D levels is unsafe for all dogs, regardless of their…

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Elevated Aflatoxin levels in dog food leads to hundreds of sickened dogs, recall initiated

Indiana based, Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc., and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have issued a recall of their Sportmix dry dog food due to elevated aflatoxin levels. The recall was initiated after 130 dog deaths and 220 illnesses were linked to their food. Aflatoxin poisoning symptoms in pets include…

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Pet food manufacturer Sunshine Mills recalls 8 varieties of dog food due to elevated aflatoxin level

Sunshine Mills, Inc. produces a variety of dog foods. Now, 8 of those branded dog foods are being recalled due to “potentially elevated levels of Aflatoxin”. While aflatoxin is naturally occurring, pets consuming elevated levels of it could be dangerous. So far no illnesses have been reported.


Recalled Products:

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140+ brands of dog and cat food recalled due to salmonella

Nearly 150 varieties of dog and cat foods have been recalled over salmonella concerns. Midwestern Pet Foods of Evansville, Indiana issued the voluntary recall of CanineX, Earthborn Holistic, Venture, Unrefined, Sportmix Wholesomes, Pro Pac, Pro Pac Ultimates, Sportstrail, Sportmix and Meridian branded pet foods.

Salmonella is a concern for both…

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Sportmix pet food aflatoxin recall expanded

Less than a month ago, Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc. issued a recall of theri Sportmix dog food due to unsafe aflatoxin levels. The recall has now been expanded by Midwestern to include all dog and cat food products crafted in their Chickasha Operations Facility with corn.

The recalled products were…

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Albright’s Raw Dog Food recalled due to salmonella contamination

Nearly 70 cases of dog food have been recalled after at least one pet was sickened with salmonella. Albright’s Raw Dog Food has recalled 67 cases of their Chicken Recipe for Dogs dog food. Salmonella poses a health risk to pets as well as humans, and as we said, one…

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Sunshine Mills expands pet food aflatoxin recall

A naturally occurring mold, aflatoxin, was found in Sunshine Mills, Inc. pet foods earlier this September. The findings by Sunshine Mills and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration led to the recall of the corn-based products produced between April 3 - 5, 2020.

If your pet is suffering from aflatoxin…

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Billy + Margot dog food recalled due to salmonella concerns

Billy + Margot Wild Kangaroo + Superfoods Recipe dog food in the 4 lb bag variety has been recalled due to salmonella concerns. The announcement came from parent company Real Pet Food Company, and is considered a voluntary recall. Exposure to salmonella is a risk for not only the pets…

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Mold byproduct leads to recall of 3 dog foods

Sunshine Mills, in conjunction with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, has voluntarily recalled 3 varieties of their dog foods due to as Fox News explains, “mold byproduct that is potentially above acceptable levels.”


Recalled Dog Foods:

Family Pet Meath Cuts: Beef, Chicken, and Cheese Flavors

Heartland Farms Grilled…

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J.M. Smucker Company recalls cat food due to elevated levels of choline chloride

Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Chicken & Liver Paté canned cat food, has been recalled by the J.M. Smucker Company due to “elevated levels of choline chloride”.




Recalled Product:

Natural Balance® Ultra Premium Chicken & Liver Paté Formula canned cat food

Retail UPC Code: 2363353227

Lot Code:…

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