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Dr. J. David Cornett

Board Member

J. David Cornett holds a PhD in Plant Physiology with strong supporting backgrounds in both agriculture and chemistry.  His passion for science is lifelong, and he has held science or lab jobs in many fields including oil shale, microbiology, a NASA affiliated group that flew experiments aboard the Space Shuttle, and for several manufacturing companies.  Most relevantly, at one point he was the Quality Control Manager for Vipont Laboratories, a company that produced both a toothpaste and mouthwash that utilized an extract from bloodroot (Sanguinaria sp.), a highly toxic plant .  While safe and effective for the intended use, levels had to be critically monitored.  Additionally, the company also produced and marketed a dental appliance.  During the development phase, David was tasked with screening and evaluating all of the component parts (plastics, metals, etc,) for their safety and appropriateness for their use in human related consumption/use. 

David is also a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher, having taught a variety of college subjects at all levels, including microbiology and pathophysiology to nursing students, and in a support roll in a graduate level program in traditional Chinese medicine. 

Currently, David owns and operates an agricultural and plant growth consulting company, Agro Tech Solutions.  Founded in 2016, Agro Tech Solutions focuses primarily on providing assistance and support services to the new, and expanding, fields of agriculture that utilize artificial, highly managed systems.