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7 Hidden Indoor Toxins In Your Home Might Be Making You Sick

You remember the game, someone closes their eyes, counts to ten, and everyone else hides. It’s the job of the finder to seek out those hiding. Hide and Seek is a classic! What you don’t want to do though is play Hide and Seek with toxic chemicals in your home.…

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Best Buy announces new program to tackle toxic chemicals

More and more big-box stores are taking a tough stance against toxins in the products they sell. On the heels of Target cracking down on toxins in the merchandise they offer to consumers, Best Buy has released their own new set of directives. Their new approach to toxic chemicals was…

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FDA Suspends Testing for Glyphosate Residues in Food

We’ve written recently ( about the State of California’s fight against Glyphosate. The chemical - labeled by the World Health Organization as a “probable human carcinogen” -  is found in popular herbicides/pesticides, and is finally coming under the scrutiny it deserves. Recently, California has ramped up their fight against…

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Reality Check: Does Yoga Release Toxins from the Body?

It’s 2016, and yoga is more popular than ever. As the years go on, its popularity only increases. Along with improving your balance, breathing, and core strength; yoga is said to help release toxins in your body. Studies have shown that yoga does in fact help with balance, breathing, and…

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7 Easy Ways to Remove Toxins from Your Body

We often talk about ways to avoid toxins in our everyday lives. Practices such as reading labels, not purchasing products that are known to contain harmful toxins, and avoiding foods that are sprayed with pesticides are all ways to help ensure we come into contact with as few toxins as…

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Scientists: Plastic waste in Great Lakes creates many woes

For years, environmentalists have known that man-made products pose a serious threat to the environment. Now a new study is shedding light on just how big the problem is. According to scientists at the University of Vermont, “about 80 percent of human-made debris found in the Great Lakes is plastic,…

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