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Toxic Chemicals Taint the ‘Best Possible’ Food for Babies

For years, parents have gone to great lengths to keep their families safe. In today’s world, that means ensuring the foods we eat and products we use are free of harmful chemicals. These are chemicals that can cause issues ranging from minor skin irritations, to cancer. We do things like read product labels before buying our child certain toys and double-check ingredients lists before washing our child’s clothes with certain detergents. But what about the toxins our children don’t directly come in contact with? What about the toxins we pass onto them? A new study suggests that our young children are being exposed to potentially toxic chemicals every time they are breastfed. And this can be scary for new mothers, because doctors have long maintained that “breast milk is supposed to be the best possible nutrition” for infants. Flame retardants, pesticides, and PCB’s are just a few of the harmful chemicals mothers can expose their infants to when breastfeeding. This isn’t a post recommending mothers stop breastfeeding though, because despite the risks medical experts still believe the benefits of breastfeeding far outweigh the potential health concerns. According to experts breastfed children still experience “healthier development than their formula-fed peers.”

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