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Toxic chemicals found in child car seats

When you load your child into a car seat you think you’re protecting them from harm, but what you may actually be doing is exposing them to toxic chemicals. A recent study by the Ecology Center found that “11 out of 15 seats contained halogenated flame retardants.” Don’t get rid of the car seat yet though, because your child is still actually safer in it. That’s because the flame retardants are used on the seats to meet federally mandated rules. Things seem to be improving though, as the results of the study show a “decline in one type of flame retardant when compared to test of seats in previous years…” So what should you do? For starters, your child’s car seat should be used for car trips only. Don’t leave your child in the seat for activities such as sleeping, eating, or playing. Also, make sure an vacuum the car seat and car regularly. This will help to reduce the amount of dust, which is where chemicals released from the seat or vehicle’s interior may settle.”

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