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The Top 5 Natural Easter Egg Dying Kits for 2018

Hippity hoppity Easter's on its way! We’re just two weeks away from Easter! Before you and the little ones begin dying Easter Eggs, you should know that more than a few egg dying kits typically sold in your neighborhood grocer have been known to contain toxins that may be toxic. is here with a few egg dying kits that are non-toxic and contain no artificial colors or dyes.

Eco-Eggs Coloring Kit: The dyes in this kit contain no artificial colors or chemicals. They’re created using “only organic and natural fruit and vegetable extracts”. As an added bonus, your purchase also includes a grass growing kit to display your newly colored eggs!

Natural Plant Based Food Coloring: Easter lasts just one day, so if you’re looking for egg dye you can use all year ‘round, this may be a good purchase for your family. This assorted variety of 8 colors are not only all natural, they can be used for everything from bath bombs to homemade chapstick. has a few more safe alternatives to traditional egg dyes for families looking to ensure they’re not only have a happy Easter, but a safe and fun one. To read the complete article, click here: