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Tattoo Ink May Stain Your Lymph Nodes

For many years, the biggest concern with getting a tattoo was whether society might view you differently…and of course whether you may regret the tattoo as time went on. Now comes news that society and your pride may not be the biggest issue, a new study suggests there’s a possibility that tattoo ink may stain your lymph nodes.

High contrast tattoos are only increasing in popularity, but the ink used to create them isn’t really meant for tattoos. As Wolfgang Bäumler of University Hospital Regensburg in Germany explains, “The substances used to create these lasting and high-contrast tattoos were developed for printers and cars.”

In the study conducted, individuals that received tattoos using blue and green ink were found to have “stained lymph nodes”. What really concerns experts is the fear that “contamination could lead to a chronic enlargement of the lymph nodes and lifelong exposure to the potentially toxic compounds.” Fortunately, researchers have yet to find evidence that that the inflammation caused any short or long-term health issues. Though more work needs to be done to confirm these initial findings.

While the question as to whether you should get matching tattoos with your current better half remains an important one (you shouldn’t), unfortunately there’s no simple answer as to what whether tattoos are truly safe.

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