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Target’s Thinking Outside the Box with Five New Sustainable Packaging Goals

Over the last few years, Target has begun to ensure they carry only the safest products in their stores. Since 2013, Target has attempted to improve the packaging they use for their products by making it more sustainable. They were able to improve upon more than 150 different package designs. Target’s chief sustainability officer Jennifer Silberman made Target’s stance clear recently saying, “We know our guests pay attention to packaging and its impact on the environment…”They’re now taking things one step further, make that five steps. Target recently announced 5 Sustainable Packaging Goals:

  • Source all owned brand paper-based packaging from sustainability managed forests by 2022
  • Work to eliminate expanded polystyrene from our owned brand packing by 2022
  • Add the How2Recycle label to all owned brand packaging by 2020 (where space allows)
  • Support The Recycling Partnership’s mission to improve how more than 25% of the U.S. population recycles by 2020
  • Create more demand for recycled packaging by creating three new end markets for recycled materials by 2020

A lot of work remains for Target to reach its ambitious goals, but if they’re able to deliver upon they’re goals by 2022 Target should be well on their way to ensuring we have a safer and more sustainable planet. Let’s hope that other big box stores follow Target’s lead.

To learn more about the Target’s sustainability goals, click here: