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Stronger Regulation of Toxic Chemicals

The Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976 has long been thought of as “notoriously week”. The act is meant to help control the toxic chemicals consumers are exposed to. Unfortunately there are thousands of chemicals that go unchecked by the E.P.A. each year. As the New York Times points out, “The Environmental Protection Agency has been hindered from regulating them by adverse court decisions, a lack of resources and weak provisions in the law itself.” Fortunately the government is taking steps to bolster the Toxic Substances Control Act. A new bill “would allow states to use their own employees to enforce federal standards within their boundaries, providing additional manpower to police the chemical industry. It would send $18 million in annual fees paid by the industry directly to the E.P.A.” And the House is preparing its own legislation. While legislation suggested is a good first step, let’s hope the E.P.A. receives the funding and support it needs to evaluate at least 20 “high-priority” chemicals a year.

To learn more about the legislation being brought forward by the Senate and the House, follow the link: