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Scientists: Plastic waste in Great Lakes creates many woes

For years, environmentalists have known that man-made products pose a serious threat to the environment. Now a new study is shedding light on just how big the problem is. According to scientists at the University of Vermont, “about 80 percent of human-made debris found in the Great Lakes is plastic, ranging from tiny micro-beads found in cosmetics and clothing fibers to bottles and plastic wrap.” 80 percent. That’s an alarming number, especially when you consider how many of the toxic substances used in the creation of these plastics ends up in the “food web and into us…” Fortunately, some states are taking steps to rid our lakes, rivers, and oceans of potentially harmful chemicals by introducing legislation “to phase out the manufacture and sale of microbeads found in household products.” Let’s hope that not only does the legislation pass, but that citizens and manufacturers realize just how potentially harmful exposure to plastics containing these toxins is.

To read more about the harmful chemicals found in plastics that are littered across the Great Lakes, follow the link: