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Scientists re-invent laser, can now detect toxins in less than half a second

When one man’s “gas sniffing device” becomes a toxins sniffing device, you have yourself a technological breakthrough. In 2017, University of Michigan researchers created a device that through the use of lasers could detect gas in four to five minutes. The device can now detect toxins in “less than half a second”.

The new device doesn’t only detect faster, it’s also “much simpler, much more compact, [and] much more robust device…” Gases are detected using “gas barcodes”. As the experts explain, the lasers can read the wavelengths of gases using what’s called “multidimensional coherent spectroscopy, or MDCS”. And now for the very first time, thanks to “tri-comb spectroscopy”, the detection time has been reduced to less than half a second.

The importance of this breakthrough is the new device will allow experts to detect toxins much faster. When you’re dealing with potentially harmful toxins, the difference between 5 minutes and “half a second” is huge. It could literally be life altering. The University of Michigan’s “re-invention” of a perfectly acceptable gas detecting device, into a less than half a second toxins detecting device, is a perfect example of researchers continuing to innovate. Hail to the Victors!” indeed.

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