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Popular Black Hair Products Are Filled With Toxic Chemicals Linked To Disease, Study Finds

According to a new study, toxic chemicals linked cancer, weight gain, asthma, fertility, and other issues have recently been detected in hair care products specifically designed for African Americans. Not only did these products contain toxic chemicals, products designed for black women contained more toxins than those designed for white women. These findings come one the heels of 2016’s Black Women for Wellness study that resulted in similar findings.

The Silent Spring Institute conducted the study on products in six categories: hot oil treatment, anti-frizz/polish, leave-in conditioner, root stimulator, hair lotion, and relaxer. Their scientists found that “80 percent of the 18 tested products (chosen based on customer surveys) contain high levels of chemicals that ‘disrupt’ the endocrine system…” These findings are especially concerning when you remember that the endocrine system “regulates metabolism, reproduction, and more.” Over 70 percent of the products tests contained methyl paraben and diethyl phthalate, with hair lotions accounting for the highest levels of parabens.

In addition to the toxic chemicals they detected, researchers found that nearly 85 percent of the toxic chemicals “were not listed on the product label”. These toxins have been shown to cause “a ‘higher prevalence’ of asthma, early menstruation, fertility issues, obesity, uterine fibroids, and premature birth rates, along with increased cases of breast and endometrial cancers.”

Toxic chemicals in personal care products are bad enough without the toxins disproportionately affecting certain races. To learn more about the Silent Springs Institute’s findings, click here: