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Non-toxic alternative when cleaning your outdoor furniture

Many of us take advantage of the summer days with their warmer temps and longer hours of daylight by spending more time outside. A lot of that time is spent in our very own backyards, using our favorite outdoor furniture. When the furniture goes unused for some time though, as is common in the winter months, it can become rather dirty. When we clean it for use what we shouldn’t be doing is cleaning it with dangerous toxic chemicals.

Jill Washburn, of Jill of All Trades and Fox Detroit 2, sought a way to clean her own furniture sufficiently but without the use of harsh chemicals. Her new non-toxic cleaner of choice? Young Living’s Thieves Oil. She was able to clean mesh and the solid materials on her outdoor furniture using the natural cleaner. The oil was effective when used to scrub, and even more so when she “let it sit for a few minutes before hosing it off,” according to Fox Detroit 2. Thieves oil can be purchased from more than a few brands, or made right at home!

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