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Nearly 40,000 pounds of frozen chicken recalled due to foreign matter contamination

Tyson Foods is recalling more than 39,000 pounds of frozen chicken patties sold under their Weaver branded products. The recall is due to a “potential contamination” as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration puts it. The recall was initiated after customer complaints.

Weaver chicken patties are sold frozen, but fully cooked. The recalled chicken was produced in January of 2019, and has a “best if used by” date of January 2020. The recalled chicken was shipped to retailers nationwide, and sold in 26-ounce resealable bags. If you look on the back of the packaging, you can verify if you have the recalled prodcut by looking at the establishment number. The establishment number for this recalled item is P-13456.


Recalled Item:

26-oz. resealable plastic bags containing “Weaver CHICKEN BREAST PATTIES BREADED CHICKEN BREAST PATTIES WITH RIB MEAT” with a best if used by date of “Jan312020” and lot code 0319PBF0617, 0319PBF0618, 0319PBF0619, 0319PBF0620, 0319PBF0621, 0319PBF0622, 0319PBF0623, or 0319PBF0600


With the year-long shelf life, there’s a chance the recalled chicken could still be in your freezer. Customers are encouraged to return the recalled chicken to their retailer for a refund or to throw it out.

To read the story on the recall from CNN, follow this link:

For the full release from the USDA and Tyson, click here: